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Rag Doll Roblox

I have found one of my new favorite games on Roblox, Rag Doll engine.

Its a really fun game where there are a bunch of different things like giant staircases or cannons. You can get in a cannon and shoot your self out to go really far or walk up the stair cases and hit F to go into ragdoll mode (rag doll mode makes it so your body has no feeling and you have no bones) and roll down them. This game is soo much fun and you can make some really funny poses when in rag doll mode. (I once again can not find a picture of this so I'm just going to put one of a rag doll cat)

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Margaret Boles
Margaret Boles
May 21, 2021

Zoe is a Ragdoll cat. I made a mistake and let her down when I was holding her and she did not jump like a cat. . she just fell. I felt so bad, but she was fine.

Image by Alexander Possingham

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