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Bloxburg Update

Soooo this blog is starting to turn into a blog on Roblox, but I'm fine with it because I am out of ideas. Bloxburg just came out with a new update yesterday, the update was a kid and summer update. They added gardening items, lemonade, ice tea, training bikes, scooters, chalk, water balloons, slip n slide (I hope that's how I spell it) and more! Sorry that this was a shorter post, I promise the next one will be longer. If you don't know what Bloxburg is...then I will explain it in another post, I also ONCE AGAIN can not find any pictures of what I am talking about.

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Margaret Boles
Margaret Boles
May 21, 2021

You are right! I don't have a clue. What is a Bloxburg?

Image by Alexander Possingham

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